How we use your information ?

We use the information you provide to implement processing of your orders, to keep you informed about your orders and general processing status. For the most efficient work, the information about credit cards and order processing is encrypted, so it`s unreachable by third parties and it will not be given or sold to them. Purchase is always recognized by your bank, and you can check the completion of  order in the purchase history. Your information also will not be used for marketing purposes. We are using your email to send you offers and information from our website. For safe transaction you are prompted to enter :
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What is the delivery price

Shipping price depends on the weight of the product, the town of departure and the way of delivery.

How long the deilvery does take? 

Delivery time depends on availability of the battery on the stock  and shipment courier that you had chosen.  If the item is in the stock in the same country that you buy usually it takes up to 7 days. If you buy the battery from other country the delivery time is much longer. The product maybe detained for several days by customs of your country for needed procedures. Administration of the internet site  is not responsible for the delays of battery supplier, shipment courier and customs.
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Conditions of using website

Website and all content related to the site are property of the company's founders, and given for information collection and processing of your data. Resource doesn’t give any warranties concerning this information, content and materials provided on it. Website is not limited by the purpose of commercial sales only.

By reading the rules of the site, you accept that developers, directors, employees , and other members of the site is not liable for damages or errors that occurred as a result of any transactions, or usage of the content of the site. Disclaimer is comprehensive and includes damages of any kind (indirect, direct, incidental, punitive and consequential damages).
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