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How we use your information ?

We use the information you provide to implement processing of your orders, to keep you informed about your orders and general processing status. For the most efficient work, the information about credit cards and order processing is encrypted, so it`s unreachable by third parties and it will not be given or sold to them. Purchase is always recognized by your bank, and you can check the completion of  order in the purchase history. Your information also will not be used for marketing purposes. We are using your email to send you offers and information from our website. For safe transaction you are prompted to enter :

- Name and surname

- E- mail address

- Delivery address

- Mobile number

- Password

For safe transaction , all necessary conditions are accepted by the seller ,bank , as well as by the buyer.

All information contained on the website, as well as images , belong to the seller and his employees . Trademarks, service marks and logos belong to their owners.

In the case of possible risks of damage to the product , all the obligations belong to the buyer after the transfer of the product . Optionally, you can insure your  product delivery .

By making the deal, you accept our rules privacy policy, purchase and return.