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Conditions of using website Batterymarkets.com

Website batterymarkets.com and all content related to the site are property of the company's founders, and given for information collection and processing of your data. Resource doesn’t give any warranties concerning this information, content and materials provided on it. Website is not limited by the purpose of commercial sales only.

By reading the rules of the site, you accept that developers, directors, employees , and other members of the site is not liable for damages or errors that occurred as a result of any transactions, or usage of the content of the site. Disclaimer is comprehensive and includes damages of any kind (indirect, direct, incidental, punitive and consequential damages).

Responsibility for the sale of products

All products of batterymarkets.com site are warranted therefore if any defects will be detected, you can return the product within 30 days from the beginning of the payment invoice, excepting that cases that were discussed individually.

Resource is not responsible for the suitability of any product for a particular purpose. If we talk about the maximum liability in product sales, site batterymarkets.com is responsible only for the price of ordered product. The employees of website, engaged in sales , shall not be liable for indirect, consequential or punitive damages arising from the use of the goods sold to the buyer, and will not be reimbursed.

Pricing and sales

In that case when the company gets the product with incorrect price due to a printing error, or errors in the transmission of information on prices, website is entitled to cancel any orders committed. Batterymarkets.com has the right to refuse or cancel the order if the order confirmation is not received. As well as in that case if billing credit card or account is locked while committing payment.

Conclusion of Privacy Police

Getting order confirmation Batterymarkets.com not constitute acceptance in the processing of data and the subsequent execution of the deal . Batterymarkets.com has the right at any time to accept and process your order, as well as to refuse to carry out his or cancellation. Information after ordering the product is transferred to employees of the resource , which can at any time make a request active purchaser without notice of it. Some pre- orders placed must be made indicating a method of payment that is installed sales department. Resource reserves the right to carry out additional verification before processing and sending orders to the buyer

Payment methods

Credit cards . We accept all major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express. You do not pay extra charges completing the purchase with a credit card on our site. Please do not forget to specify your exact postal and billing address, as well as telephone number and credit card number of your bank. Incorrectly specified data may result in a delay in processing of your order. Your credit card will be billed upon sending and processing of your order.

Remittances, company and bank checks. We also accept remittances, in any convenient for you currency. Order immediately enters the processing upon receiving of remittance or check. Please read the following instructions on how to use the payment for one of the following methods.

Security guarantee

Buying goods in batterymarkets.com is reliable and safe. None of our customers have not reported about fraud and illegal use of a credit card in case of purchase on our website. We have established SSL encryption technology on batterymarkets.com website, so purchases with a credit card on our site are more secure than in stores or restaurants. Our server software encrypts all information provided by you, ensuring that your transactions remain confidential and secure. Any unauthorized use of your credit card reports to your credit card company, in accordance with rules and procedures. In addition, you can be assured that the information you provide is private and confidential. We do not sell, rent or exchange information about our customers.


In case of court the company that takes the responsibility is Kolody Industries Ltd, registration number 514728153, Tel Aviv, state of Israel.